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Top 10 best roses wines in UK 2021

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The 10 Best Roses Wines to Drink in 2021

Once it’s open window season, you’re probably also ready to trade earthy, tannic reds for lighter, more sprightly rosé wines. But just because it’s pink doesn’t mean rosé wine doesn’t have just as much complexity and pairing power. Rosé wines can vary widely in intensity and sweetness, and great varieties come from just about every wine region in the world. The most popular rosés have the crispness of a white with a little of the same fruity richness you love from your favorite red. Serve them cold or lightly chilled for the most refreshing glass (or even in a homemade popsicle). Rosé pairs beautifully with everything from grilling recipes to fish to cheese platters, fruit, and those big summer salads.

Most of the rosé we chose to feature here errs on the dry side, although each bottle has its own unique standout flavors and aromas. Some of them come in both sparkling and still varieties, and others are all bubbles. We also included a few canned options because it’s summer and portability is key. While your rosé-drinking days might look a little different this year, we’ve got plenty of options to make sure what’s in your glass feels great, no matter where you’re drinking it.

How to choose the best roses wines for you

Where do rosé wines come from?

Rosé wines are made pretty much everywhere and from a wide variety of grapes. Top rosé-producing countries include France, Spain, the USA, Italy, South Africa, and Germany, but you’ll find gems from other countries too, such as Argentina and Portugal – and the UK makes some great ones as well.

How is a rosé wine made?

There are three main methods – and to describe them we’ll defer to Barbara Drew, wine and spirits education specialist for Berry, Brothers, and Rudd.

Direct pressing is where the winemaker starts with freshly picked red grapes and presses them so hard that a tiny amount of color bleeds through into the juice. “This method gives the lightest style of rosé wines, with the barest hint of pink” advises Drew: “Think Sancerre or Provence rosé.”

Then there’s short maceration. Here, the juice from red grapes is left in contact with the skins, for anywhere from six hours to four days. This gives the wine a stronger color, ranging from vibrant pink color to a rich, ruby hue. “These wines all share a vibrant fruity character, a medium to full body, and are often slightly higher in alcohol than those made by direct press,” notes Drew.

The third way to make rosé is by simply blending a tiny amount of red wine in with a white, giving it a brilliant bubblegum-type pink hue. This isn’t generally permitted with European wines, but the technique is used to create many rosé champagnes.

1. Miraval Provence Rosé

This wine hails from the Miraval estate (famously owned by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) in the Côtes de Provence region of France. The fruity and floral flavor will please the most discerning of rosé drinkers, and the pale pink shade was basically made for Instagram. 

Miraval Provence Rosé, currently available only at Whole Foods Markets at about $25, is no celebrity stunt. In fact, it is one … | Rose wine, Wines, Wine cocktails
Best Roses Wines

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2. Mirabeau Pure AOP Côtes de Provence

The freshest of the fresh (or pure, we should say), you’re safe with any one of the Mirabeau range but this edition is crisp, clean, elegant, and just perfect to start an evening with. Bone dry, you get fiendishly delicate flavors and acidity that, whilst certainly there, is balanced to perfection so that you barely notice it. Enjoy on its own, with salty crisps or a piquant salad.

Mirabeau Pure Provence Rose | Ocado
Best Roses Wines

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3. Bardolino Classico Chiaretto, Lenotti Estate (2019)

You have to go for the mix-six deal to get this Italian rosé for under £10 but you would be mad to buy from Majestic on any other basis. A delicate, pale rosé with a fresh lemony bite that would be perfect with a plate of linguine and prawns with a fresh tomato sauce. 

Zeni Bardolino Classico Chiaretto | Vivino
Best Roses Wines

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4. Whispering Angel Château d’Esclans 2017

Although Whispering Angel is known for being a rather fashionable bottle, it’s equally suited at home at a relaxed garden party among friends. You’ll find it insanely moreish when the sun starts shining. Buy from Roberson Wine

Chateau D'esclans Whispering Angel Cotes De Provence Rose 2017 -
Best Roses Wines

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5. M de Minuty Rosé

This classic rosé from the Cotes de Provence region is light, bright, and wonderfully smooth. You’ll notice orange peels and red currant notes. Try it alongside French fare, grilled meat or fish, or as an appetizer beverage with crudité. Plus, this limited-edition bottle is pretty enough to save as a vase or to hold olive oil or salad dressing.

Wine from Provence - Cuvée M de Minuty rosé 2016 from Château Minuty
Best Roses Wines

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6. Sparkling Rose Wine | Grand Rosé from Italy

Italian sparkling wines are spectacular and easily rival French Champagnes. The Tuscan vintners at Rosatello are also masters of sweet wines. They bring those two elements together in one impressive bottle of rosé that doesn’t cost a fortune. 

It’s easy to instantly fall in love with Rosatello Sparkling Rosé. It has everything that makes rosé attractive: a vivid pink color, the fragrance of wild strawberries, the taste of sweet raspberries, and a light, refreshing body. Add in the fizz factor, and you have a wonderful drink for the hottest of summer nights. Try it with an adventurous cheese platter or use it to mix a sparkling rosé cocktail with lots of fresh flavors.

Pink Prosecco - Grand Rosé - Case of 6 Sparkling Rosé Wine – Premier Estates Wine
Best Roses Wines

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7. Vilarnau Brut Rosado Cava

Spanish sparkling gets a pink twist in this bottle. Our tasters particularly loved the bright berry flavor offset by a buttery, almost creamy finish.

Vilarnau Rose Reserva Cava 75Cl - Tesco Groceries
Best Roses Wines

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8. I Heart Rosé Wine

The Lowdown: With a soft millennial pink hue, the I heart Rosé Wine is bursting with fresh flavors of ripe strawberry and summer fruits and is light and refreshing on the palate. The charming rose-tinted tipple is made using the Charmat method, whereby the wine completes its second fermentation in the tank, creating fresh-tasting, delicate bubbles.

Rosé - i heart Wines UK
Best Roses Wines

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9. Ramon Bilbao Lalomba Rosado: Best roses wines Spanish

From its pale, salmon-pink appearance you might be expecting a Provence wine. In fact, this primarily Grenache-based, full-bodied creamy Rosado is more akin to an oaked white Rioja (even though it hasn’t been anywhere near oak). Intense and very dry, it’s a wonderful accompaniment to any fish or seafood – or, with its delicacy and flavor, delightful on its own.

Lalomba Ramon Bilbao 2018 | 【】
Best Roses Wines

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10. Jacob’s Creek Le Petit Rose

Jacob’s Creek Le Petit Rosé, 2018 is an award-winning wine from the most recommended and well-known wine brand in the UK, Jacob’s Creek. It is a dry, fresh, and delicate rosé showcasing a modern Australian wine with a little French style. Le Petit Rosé is made with grapes from selected blocks of Pinot Noir, Grenache, and Mataro, showing aromas and notes of red currant, rose petals, strawberries, spices, and raspberries. It has an elegant and well-balanced palate with vibrant fruit flavors.

Best enjoyed with a variety of light savory dishes, from charcuterie, quiche, or soufflé to seafood, salads, pasta, and chicken, making it the perfect match for your next BBQ.

Buy Jacob's Creek Le Petit Rosé | Dan Murphy's Delivers
Best Roses Wines

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How pink should rosé be?

The Provençal style of rosé wine is now used all over the world. You get that beautiful color from very gently pressing red grapes – usually grenache, cinsault, and other Mediterranean varieties – so that only a tiny bit of color (and indeed flavor) from the skins get into the wine, resulting in that classic blush shade.

However, this is not the only way to make rosé. Just a little north of Provence, in the villages of Tavel and Lirac at the southern foothills of the Rhone valley, you’ll find rosé that is very nearly red because they make pinks with tannin and lots of fruit. Darker styles of rosé are made all over the world, particularly in Spain and Italy. In Australia and other New World countries, rosé wine can be made simply by mixing red and white wine together.


Here is a list of the best rose wines. Top 10 best roses wines in the UK. Easily find and buy pink wines that enjoyed great success on our online store last month. Try new wines by following common customer criteria and discover new flavors, regions, and wineries that will amaze you. Cupomable hopes you can choose for yourself your favorite rose wine after reading this review 

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