Find the best exercise bike UK

Find the best exercise bike UK

Best exercise bike has changed a lot over the past 5-10 years. That is a good thing because now you have some great choices. People of different ages, and different levels of fitness have very different needs. Exercise bikes now range from the standard traditional upright bikes, to recumbent bikes suitable for those recovering from injuries, and all the way through to the now very popular spin bikes.

Top 10 best exercise bike UK

If you are wondering what is the best exercise UK to buy, let check the top 10 best ones below:

1.Echelon Smart Connect Fitness Bikes

The Echelon Connect EX-3 is a decent exercise bike and it offers a wide variety of on-demand and live spin classes. The magnetic resistance provides a near-silent riding experience and thanks to the customisation options, most people will find a way to sit on the Echelon Connect EX-3 the way they prefer.

Unfortunately, the bike doesn’t come with a built-in screen and this takes away from the experience. A class viewed on a comparatively small, 10″ tablet will not be the same as it is on a 22″ Peloton bike screen.

Of course, you can use your Echelon Fit web login on any smart TV and watch Echelon classes on a big screen. If you want to see your Smart Connect Bike stats on a smart TV, Echelon recommends using an Apple TV, or Screen Mirror for your TV. There are third party apps you can use as well like Mirror for Samsung TV and Video and TV Cast.

Considering the sturdiness of the Echelon Connect EX-3, the available classes and the affordable price point, I would recommend the bike for people who are happy to use their own gadgets to view the Echelon App. As they say, ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’ and you will be able to save a pretty penny by getting the Echelon Connect EX-3 bike.


Find the best exercise bike UK
Find the best exercise bike UK

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2. DKN AM-E Exercise Bike

A well-designed, exceptional upright exercise bike that is the best exercise bike on our list in terms of resistance and build. There are 32 levels of resistance offered, and all resistance is computer controlled – a rarity.

Users up to 140kg can use this bike, and handle pulse sensors are built into the handlebars. You can also use a wireless chest strap (not included).

The monitoring is one of the best we have used, and includes:

  • RPM
  • Time
  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Pulse
  • Calories
  • Recovery

There are also manual programs and 12 pre-set programs available. User modes and heart rate modes are available, too.

The only downside is that this model is in the mid- to high-price range. However, for the quality and the features offered, this is the absolute best buy in terms of value for money that makes it top of our list.


Find the best exercise bike UK
Find the best exercise bike UK

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3. LL® JF100 Home Exercise Bike

This sturdy upright bike offers an impressively smooth and quiet ride at a bargain price. It also comes with a one-year warranty for peace of mind, which is always welcome when opting for a budget pick. Maxing out the resistance might not result in a tough enough ride to satisfy keen outdoor cyclists, but the JF100 ticks all the boxes for beginners keen on doing some cardio workouts at home without having to splash out more than £100.


Find the best exercise bike UK
Find the best exercise bike UK

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4. AJUMKER Indoor Exercise Bike

The Ajumker 3-in-1 exercise bike is one of the lesser know brands of bikes on the market but that does not take away from the quality to price correlation. If you are looking for a top notch bike for half the price of the same quality, look no further.

Of course there are top of the line bikes out there that could out perform the Ajumker but at that point you are looking at a price tag of 4X the amount the Ajumker is selling for.

If you are just an ordinary biker looking to add to your home cardio equipment and you dont feel like paying 4X the amount just for a couple more useless add ons that you probably wont use, then this is it!


Find the best exercise bike UK
Find the best exercise bike UK

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5. Fit4home Exercise Bike For Home Use Fitness Cardio Training

The FIT4HOME TF-8018 Exercise Bike is a good looking bike that looks like a nice cross between a spin bike in a studio and a more familiar indoor bike for the home.

The black and metal frame is offset with a bold casing on the flywheel in either yellow or blue.

The compact size of this spin bike means that it should be just right for use at home. It won’t take up too much room, even with the stabilizers adding to the footprint. It also should be that noisy with the 10kg flywheel and smooth chain system.

While it is small, there is the opportunity to alter the angle of the handlebars and the height of the seat a little so that you can get the best posture and work out in comfort.

As for the workout on offer here, the resistance system is easy to use with the manual dial in the centre. This allows for tougher workouts and the chance to engage in some self-administered HIIT.

The non-skid pedals should help, as well as the simple data stream on the console. You can get readings on your time, distance, pulse and calories burned.

The biggest problem with this spinning bike is the size and stability for larger users. The issue with creating an indoor model that is so compact is that there is going to be an upper limit when it comes to the height and weight allowance.

Taller users say that it isn’t comfortable and some worry about the stability of the handlebars. This shouldn’t be too much of an issue for smaller users that don’t push quite as hard or lean into the handlebars as much. Also, there are those stabilisers on the feet and the rest of the frame seems stable enough.

There is a real sense that this gym bike is geared towards women rather than men. It should be a unisex model but the dimensions and intensity suggest that it will be more comfortable for smaller, lighter users.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t still get a decent workout in the right settings. Overall, this FIT4HOME exercise bike is still an attractive option that could make a difference in your training at home.


Find the best exercise bike UK
Find the best exercise bike UK

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6. Ultrasport F-Bike and F-Rider, Fitness Bike Trainer

For value for money, you can’t go wrong with this nifty exercise bike.

While it might not have all the bells and whistles of more expensive models, if you are looking for a sturdy bike that is great for daily use, this is a good choice.

People looking for a low cost exercise bike, but with a variety of settings to challenge the average cyclist for noticeable results.

With eight levels of resistance, this exercise bike is ideal for any person who is looking to improve fitness.

Although more expensive bikes have additional resistance levels to increase difficulty when pedalling, most people will find this bike more than meets their needs in terms of building up a sweat and working the muscles.

This exercise bike comes with a battery powered LCD display that shows key information such as time, distance, speed and calories burned.

It also has hand pulse sensors so you can monitor your heart rate. Because it is battery powered, you don’t need to rely on being near a mains electricity socket for it to work, so this bike can be used anywhere.

If you are short on space, then the Ultrasport F1 exercise bike is a winner.

The folding design means that it can easily be stored when not in use. The folded dimensions are just 45 x 47 x 132.5 cm, making it suitable for any room.

However, despite the small storage size, this bike is fairly heavy. On one hand, this can make it difficult to move around if needed, especially for those who are lacking in strength, but it does show that the build is top notch.

The maximum weight for those using this exercise bike is approximately 100 kg, although if you are slightly over that it should not be a problem. The adjustable seat height makes it ideal for most adults.

Once the exercise bike arrives at your home, assembly is really simple. The parts are well made and it can be put together in less than 30 minutes.

Another great feature of the Ultrasport F1 is that there are a few additional add-ons that are compatible.

This includes a multimedia fitting for holding a tablet or phone, a workstation accessory kit so you can keep fit as you work, an extra comfortable saddle cover, and a non-slip mat.


Find the best exercise bike UK
Find the best exercise bike UK

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7. Exerpeutic Gold 575 XLS Bluetooth Smart Technology Folding Upright Exercise Bike

Folding exercise bikes are great if you live in a small space and don’t have much room to store workout equipment. The Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike not only folds to half its size, it’s sturdy enough to hold up to 300 pounds. The large cushioned seat can be adjusted for a height range of 5 feet 3 inches to 6 feet 1 inches. An LCD display indicates distance, calories burned, time, speed and more. Build-in pulse sensors in the handlebar monitor your target heart rate. And the eight levels of tension allow you to make your workout easier or harder.

“The cost of this machine, ease of setup, usage, and quality makes it my best purchase” of the year, one Amazon reviewer said. Another praised the machine’s small footprint, writing, “I love that this bike fits snugly against the wall when not in use without sacrificing comfort or sturdiness.”


Find the best exercise bike UK
Find the best exercise bike UK

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8. YYFITT Foldable Fitness Exercise Bike with Resistance Bands

Transportation wheels provide for easy moving and relocation. Simply tilt and roll out for use or away for storage, and no need for heavy lifting or muscle strain

The steel frame guarantees you the stability and durability of them with no doubt! You can definitely count on it to help you lose weight and build up your strength!

Multi-grip handlebars along with fully adjustable ergonomic leather padded seat enable Indoor Cycling Bike to cater to your specific needs in a customized and perfect manner. And the seat can be adjusted up/dow

The resistance knob within easy reach allows you to adjust workout intensity based on your own preferences. Twist clockwise, you’re upgrading your workout to the next level; and twist counterclockwise, you’re decreasing tension fo

The bottle rack under the seat keeps your water supply close at hand, to free you from pausing your exciting exercise and getting off the bike from time to time to keep hydrated.


Find the best exercise bike UK
Find the best exercise bike UK

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9. SONGMICS Exercise Bike

This stationary bike has a striking design with the orange and grey. It looks like there should be a heavy-machinery warning on it, even though it is actually a lightweight, foldable model. There is also a black and grey if you want something more subdued.

The bike machine has 8 magnetic resistance levels with a manual knob on the frame. Riders can take the intensity up and down for some form of HIIT, keep their feet firmly strapped in, and then see all the results on the console.

Another thing that stands out here is the number of extra features that you get from a bike at the lower end of the price scale. In addition to all the basic hardware, you also get a phone holder underneath the display, pulse sensors in the handlebars, and a floor mat.

While the floor mat may suggest instability or noise produced, it is nice of the company to give you that means of protecting your floor or minimising any sound.


Find the best exercise bike UK
Find the best exercise bike UK

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10. Nero Sports Bluetooth Upright Exercise Bike Indoor

To get the best from the Nero Sports Bluetooth upright bike, you should use your own tablet or iPad. There is a built-in console. This is super simple and will certainly get the job done. It shows the usual speed, distance, heart rate (via handlebar sensors), time working out and the number of calories you have burned.

When you download Zwift, your options increase rapidly. You can cycle through beautiful mountain ranges, beaches, or historic cities. You can track your progress between rides – and even compete (or just ride along) with others in multiplayer mode. While this is not quite a Peloton, it certainly has most of the benefits!

In general, Spinner style bikes are smaller than the uprights. This seems to have caught some owners out. If you are over 6 foot, you should consider a bike specially made for taller riders (or a commercial grade one, which are that bit bigger).

Feedback about the build and quality of the machine was universally positive. This includes the resistance, with people noting that the Nero bikes are capable of giving you a thorough working out.

The after sales service from Nero Sports also got specific praise. This does tie in with their other products. You get a 5-year warranty with this bike for extra peace of mind.

Finally, people loved using Zwift!

Comments / feedback will often change – so make sure you check the latest updates, whether you choose the Nero Sports spinner or any other home exercise bike.


Find the best exercise bike UK
Find the best exercise bike UK

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How to buy the best exercise bike

When shopping for the perfect exercise bike for home use, consider price, features and space. You’ll need to settle on a budget. A bigger budget generally equals a more feature-packed exercise bike, but this might not be essential if you’re just starting out on your fitness journey. Even if you’re trying to save money, you can still find an exercise bike with varying levels of resistance to put you through your paces. Floor space is crucial in determining which exercise bike you end up with. Trying to squeeze a large exercise bike into a small room will risk it becoming more of a hindrance than a help, especially if it’s a shared space. If you’re particularly tall or short, check the seat and handle can be adjusted to suit your height. And check the maximum user weight; some models, particularly cheaper ones, have a comparatively low maximum weight limit.  Our expert advice guide focuses on the best exercise bikes for home use. While you might not get the same features you would on a bulkier machine at the gym, you can still stay fit and burn calories with our list of alternatives.

Buying an exercise bike obviously means you won’t need to worry about cycling on busy roads and uneven paths, but there are plenty of other advantages. Improve your cardio fitness – this has benefits for your heart, lungs and other parts of the body. Rowing machines and treadmills are popular alternatives. Strengthen your legs – benefit from an aerobic workout without putting strain on your knees. Slower speeds are good for low-impact workouts – adjustable resistance means you can vary how much effort you put into even slow pedaling. Foldable designs available – good news if you want to save space.

There are a whole host of health benefits, if you decide to take up best exercise bike. Many people who decide on this type of exercise do so, because they know they want to get healthier. ​

With the advance of technology, bikes now come with on board computers, pre-set workout programs and a whole bunch of fitness measuring statistics. You can also get route maps that can be down loaded from various mobile phone apps, such as Google maps. That makes the whole experience of riding so much more enjoyable.

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